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How to find people that can help you on LinkedIn

How to find people that can help you on LinkedIn

So who can help you when you are looking for a job? Who should you follow?

Here is my definitive list of people to follow and why.

My overarching message is to follow recruiters in your niche.


✅ The advice they give will be more relevant for you
✅ The advice they give will not be speculation, it’ll be what they have experienced, day to day, as recruiters!
✅ They’ve seen it all. They use ATS, screen CVs, write interview questions and have been privvy to every – step of the recruitment process.
✅ They may post about jobs you may be suitable for

Who not to follow?

❌ Career coaches with no recruitment experience
❌ Anyone who spouts bullshit about the ATS auto rejecting CVs
❌ Anyone who clearly plays on jobseekers insecurities.
❌ Hiring managers – unless they work for the business you want to work for in a role where they would be your manager.

NB not all career coaches are bad. Do your due dilligence.

So who should I follow?

Her are some of my favs.

Amy Miller

Recruiters at Amazon. Hilariously brutal and a joy to follow. US based and has her own YouTube channel

Head of Talent in Tech, 2nd best beard in Australian recruitment, witty, dry and a treat to follow. Try his podcast also – ‘Mitch Please’