What We Do

At our Unrivalled Agency, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive by finding you the best talent. We understand the significant impact that every single hire can have on your teams, from increasing morale to boosting your bottom line.

Having led HR and Talent functions for leading Retail and E-Commerce organisations such as ASOS.com and General Pants Group, we know what goes into making a successful hire. We don’t just search a database and send over CVs – we take the time to understand your unique needs and culture to find you the perfect candidate.

Are you ready to partner with an agency that has worked in and understands your industry?

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Pay on Delivery


Engaging 2 or more agencies on the same role at the same time. Payment on delivery.


We are the exclusive agency working on the role. A sensible way of working all-round. You get the security of only paying on delivery of a candidate in the role, and we are able to justify and invest more time on the vacancy and take a deep dive into our search.

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Pay Part up Front


This is spread over 2 payments. The first is to engage our services and allow us to invest in the agreed route to maket and more efficiently plan out time to look at attraction, assessment and evaluation methods. The 2nd payment is on successful placement of the candidate. We can offer lower fees for this service due to the reciprocated commitment shown. This approach yields the best results for our clients.


Pay As You Go

A cost-effective and flexible way of working. You can choose how much or how little we support you with the recruitment process.


We can do parts of the process like Job Advert Writing & Posting, Managing Response, Candidate Sourcing, Interviewing or Full End-to-End Recruitment

(with this service you get full access to our LinkedIn Recruiter, Seek Adverts and Talent Search and Indeed Adverts and Talent Search – all FREE)

We can also support on recruitment process evaluation and improvement, and talent systems sourcing and upgrades and HR and policy advice.

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Group 2826

Exec Search

Executive and Confidential Searches – POA

This is quoted case by case. We can undertake executive and P&C searches, leaving no stone unturned and shortlisting Fashion, Retail and E-Commerce leaders that you won’t find applying to jobs or in your teams limited networks. We also supply you with Wild Cards as we believe diversity of industry, thought and experince only makes a business stronger!

How We Work


Thorough job breifing consult


Agree assessment process and plan


Network, source, and assess the active and passive candidate market


Deliver a shortlist of candidates for interview


Support both client and candidate through the interview and assessment process


Negotitiate a great offer for both our candidate and client OR repeat and keep going!

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How We Source

Outreach to our industry community and referal network.
LinkedIn Recruiter (Corporate License Experts)
Advertising – Major and niche Job Boards
Google X-Ray Searching
Specialist Platforms
Our unique referral scheme
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How We Assess

Advanced CV screening and LinkedIn evaluation
Competency and behavioural interviewing against your specific role
Culture & behavioural assessment in line with your values
Online technical assessments and Video Interviews

The roles we recruit for include

E-commerce Fashion FMCG Consumer
Merchandising Planning Design Garment Tech QA Wholesale
Creative PR Digital Social Media Graphic Design Copywriters
Supply Chain Logistics Warehouse Distribution Operations Ethical Trade Sustainability
HR & Training
Legal Project Management Retail Operations Support Functions Customer Care IT Finance
UX/UI Developers Product Design Engineers Analysts
Account Management
Business Development Sales Customer Success
Retail Leaderhship
Area Management Store Management


You shouldn’t necessarily use us. You should use the agency that you feel suits what you want to achieve the best. All I can tell you is how we work and why we are passionate about what we do. Our Founder and Director, Russell Ayles, has come from an entire career spanning two decades working in Talent Acquisition solely in the Retail, Fashion and Digital industries.
Our ethos of service and experience runs through everything we do. We don’t target ourselves on meaningless and vacant targets such as CVs sent, and business development calls made like other agencies. We work against service and experience driven KPIs which ultimately results in happy candidates and happy clients.

Straight into the money side of things! I like it, ok….there are various fee structures we work to including a % fee of the first years’ base salary (not inc any benefits), to per-hour rates. It will be part of our conversation when we discuss the vacancy and is bespoke to your business needs. All we can promise you is complete transparency and no hidden costs.

A bit like a quick swipe right on tinder, we can find someone on the surface who looks good – but we all know how it is going to end! Good recruitment takes time. From a thorough vacancy consultation to an inclusive search and expert assessment, if we promised you overnight results we would be lying. If you are looking for an agency to just bulk message their database and pass on CVs, then we’re probably not for you.
Think of it this way. People often want recruitment to be quick, cheap and fast. This is near impossible in 99% of cases. If it’s fast and cheap it won’t be good. If it’s cheap and good, it won’t be fast. If it’s fast and good, it won’t be cheap. Fast, cheap and good … pick the two that are most important to you!

On the rare occasion the new employee does not work out for any reason, we will go back to the briefing process to find out why, uncover the true reasons why the person did not work out and go out and find you someone new for the role – FREE OF CHARGE (See our T&C’s).

Yes! As a member of The Circle Back Initiative, we vow to get back to every single candidate that applies to a job through us with an outcome response – as a minimum. We don’t ghost our candidates and we don’t ignore our clients. We pride ourselves on our service and experience KPIs. When we represent your brand, we treat all our candidates, no matter how suitable for the job, like they are your VIP customers.

Firstly, take a look at our live jobs, if there is nothing suitable you can register with us so we can reach out when something suitable does come in. We also have free candidate resources, so go and take a look around so you can make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are looking sharp and get some advice for any upcoming interviews.