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What is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and what do they do?

What is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and what do they do?

“75% of all Applications are Discarded by ATS Software”

“Most companies have thousands of resumes sitting in a database that they’ve never looked at. In fact, 75 percent are never seen by a real person.”

“You can’t put hyperlinks in your CV or it will be rejected by the ATS”

“You have to BEAT THE BOTS!”

“Only upload your CV in word format”

These are just some of the bizarre claims you will face when doing ‘research’ on Applicant Tracking Systems…. or ATS for short.

Try googling Applicant Tracking Systems and you are met with an array of sensationalist headlines like “How to get your CV past the robots”. The same goes for unscrupulous ‘CV Writers’ and ‘Career Coaches’ who vow to write you an ATS compliant CV and get you past the bots.

It seems I can’t have a conversation with prospective clients nowadays without being asked ‘can you make my CV ATS compliant?’ or ‘Will my CV get past those systems that recruiters use?’

Why do I care so much? Because job seekers are being misled. There are so many more important things for job seekers to concern themselves with than ATS.

How do I know this? Having worked in recruitment for over 17 years, in both Agency and In-House capacity, having used upward of 14 ATS and being part 3 of ATS implementations, I felt myself pretty qualified to comment.

However, what I found is that I was one voice in a sea of misinformation.

I needed to do my own research. I wanted to speak to the people who use these systems day in day out, to understand how they use these systems and what their systems can or can’t do.