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Our Founder and Director, Russell Ayles

My mission is to improve recruitment in the industries I love.

A bit about me and how Unrivalled came to be.

It was November 2004; I was a fresh-faced 23-year-old on my way into London.

I was going in to register with a recruitment agency.

I was coming off the back of coaching football to school kids, having dropped out of Uni after my 2nd year.

I was looking for a job as a Buying Assistant. Why? Well, I didn’t know what to do. My Dad was a Buyer for a large Jewellery retailer, and the Hampers he received from suppliers at Christmas were enough to make me think this was the career for me!

I went to a couple of interviews and did ok, but I didn’t get the job.

It was now December, and I received a call from the agency, not about a Buying role but asking if I had ever considered a career in recruitment.

Like 100% of people that work in recruitment, I hadn’t. The role sounded great, but the office buzz hit me most. I needed a job, and this was no brainer.
Like most recruiters, I fell into the industry. And am glad I did. Over my 17-year career, I have recruited upwards of 3000 people, from Buying Assistants to Marketing Directors….even COOs and CEOs. People that have sculpted the fashion, retail and digital landscapes across the globe.

I have worked for some fantastic businesses, but also some not. Recruitment can have a bad name, and that is not without cause.

Too many recruitment businesses offer little value and purely rely on a numbers game. Bombarding their database (ultimately your customers) with email shot after email shot, hoping someone replies. If they do, it is a race against time to push their CV over to the client as they are up against 4 other agencies.
Where is the skill and expertise in this?

Having worked in agency and In-House for ASOS, Britvic, Immediate Media and General Pants, I have gained some valuable insights and experience in how working with a recruitment agency should be. ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????.

We offer an Unrivalled recruitment experience to our clients and candidates.

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